Whole 30 Diet – How effective is it in weight loss?


The Whole 30 Diet is basically an extreme form of another diet known as the Paleo diet. In this diet regime, you will not be allowed to consume foods that include legumes, grains, and sugar. There are few other groups of food for a period of 30 days, and that explains why it is called the 30 day diet. However, after a period of 30 days, individuals undertaking the diet plan can start including few of the foods that were restricted for a period of 30 days.

As per claims by the ones that developed the diet plan, Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. Adopting this diet might help people suffering from lifestyle diseases like diabetes aside from having high levels of cholesterol. Not only that the creators of the diet plan also claim that eventually the immune system improves over a period of time and people also have gained as they experienced clarity of thought and sound mental health. But the most popular reason why people opt for this diet is due to the fact that this diet is believed to help in weight loss. Let us see how effective it is for shedding those extra kilos. In order to know more about the diet and its risks and benefits, you can by all means refer to the useful link.

Differing schools of thought

While few are of the opinion that this diet is useful as it eliminates few groups of food items, there are few others that think that this diet being extreme will deprive individuals of the essential nutrients that are required by the body. In case of the former, since you stop taking added sugars and grains, the amount of junk food you are taking is reduced remarkably. But the ones supporting the latter thought have valid reasons to say so. This is because experts are of the opinion that nutritional deficiencies can play havoc with your overall health and well being.

Whole30 Diet explained

The essence of this diet is that evolution of human beings did not take place so as to allow them to consume certain groups of food like sugars and dairy products aside from peanuts, legumes, and grains. As such, eating them may cause adverse effects in the body and cause various diseases in the process.

According to the ones that created the diet have an explanation for the same. They are of the opinion that in the event you eliminate these food groups, people will benefit much more as they can do away with diseases like diabetes and heart related disorders. However, the ones that think otherwise state that in case you are leaving out so many groups of food for a period of 30 days, it goes without saying that even with little effort, you are bound to lose weight since you are not putting in great effort to burn calories but less intake of food will automatically do the work of weight reduction by itself.

Since rate of metabolism differs from one individual to another, this diet cannot be completely written off as it might have helped many individuals to ward off those extra kilos to get a renewed life again.


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