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Weight watchers, dietitians, fitness trainers, food bloggers, fitness coach & gym trainers are welcome to write for us. FreeDieting is a platform where fitness expert share their personal experiences. You can also contribute your well-researched articles at FreeDieting following the guidelines.

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Our primary concern is to provide only the truth and reliable information with our visitors. We love sharing free dieting and practical health and fitness tips with weight watchers and reveal all hidden weight loss secrets at FreeDieting.org.

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We know improving one’s health always start with dietary changes. This is the time where mind, body and soul work together in perfect alignment. If you are looking for a website where you can share your diet plan, meal plan, healthy recipes, your weight loss story or even any story with our followers, then “you are always welcome to write for us” and share your experience.

If your content is unique and relevant for our website, we will definitely publish it on free dieting.

Think of subjects like diet, sports, nutrition, fitness and healthy recipes. The more perspectives are highlighted on this blog, the better that is for the community.

We also appreciate dietitians or experts of all types of diets, who want to share their experience to stimulate others.

We are always open to accept guest posts from outsiders. Health and Food Bloggers who love reading our free dieting tips and want to share their expert knowledge on our Food and Diet Blog, are always welcome share free dieting tips and motivate our readers to lose weight naturally and live their most creative lives.

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We are not only looking for good, fluent writers. We are looking for writers who are able to write well-substantiated articles. Your articles may not have been copied or have previously been published on another (or your own) blog. And of course it must be of value to the readers.

However, there are few general guidelines that must be followed:

  1. Original Content: We unique, informative and quality article is required that should be relevant to our theme.
  2. Unique Writings: (Not published/republished elsewhere). If found, it will be deleted instantly.
  3. Article Length: Your article should be at-least 700 words and more.
  4. Editable: (If required) It may be edited prior to publishing.

Topics and articles must cover one of the following section:

  • Diet
  • Recipes & Cookbooks
  • Food
  • Juicing
  • Weight Loss
  • Nutrition
  • Healthy Eating
  • Health & Fitness
  • Exercises
  • Muscle Building

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Tell us your ideas and recipes that you think Free Dieting readers will enjoy. In terms of ideas, we need to keep all content related to diet, food, nutrition, healthy eating, weight loss, fitness, and DIY exercises. Please search our blog posts to see the content and send your articles directly at contact@freedieting.org.

If you’re still confused about the topic you should choose to write? We are always available to answer any of your question you may have regarding Free Dieting / Guest Posting Guidelines. Write it to us and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.



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