Type Of People You Encounter In Every Gym


In recent years, we’re all quite beaten by the health trend. While there years ago crazy looked up was when you said you went to the gym, it is now the other way around. Of course it’s a good thing that everyone is so busy with his health, but as you spend more time in the gym starts also increasingly attracting attention. We are talking here about the many different types of people you can spot every gym. Which do you recognize them all?

The vanity / self-admirer

The vanity has a muscular and well-toned body and knows it well. In fact, the vanity knows very well that he / she has a great body and here is also intensely proud. When they train for the mirror, they can’t keep the body’s eyes.

The street kids or the elderly

These pendants have a subscription to the gym, but still do not know really what to do after a long time. Often the hangers into groups and have them half the time now, you guessed it, hang. While one of them what to bumbling in one device, the rest is watching and will be discussed throughout the weekend in detail.

The fanatic

Just as the vanity, the fanatic has an admirable body, but there the similarities remain too. In fanatic everything seems to be a game and everything goes to him or her mega well. While you barely 5 kilos able to squat, they do so with at least 80 kilos.

The smartphone

Also the smartphone addict is not entirely clear why he or she goes to the gym. Often the smartphone addict herself and knows therefore not entirely what to do about the situation. Instead of herself completely to the collapse sports, spends her pocket three quarters of the time glued to her phone. Final score: 5 bells, 76 messages and two exercises.


Stray has just started in the gym and really has no idea what he or she is doing. Stray looks mainly looking around for landmarks or acquaintances. After some time (read: one hour) the stray eventually gives up and decides it either to go home either for a sports instructor for help.

The popie jopie

The popie jopie is as the name suggests, someone who knows a lot of people at the gym. This allows the popie jopie is often busy greeting people and making speeches. The popie jopie often loses control of his own sports schedules because in the midway, he or she decide to join a friend.


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