Top 6 Amazing Health Benefits of Green Beans



In this article, we would like to introduce to you some wonderful health benefits of green beans. Green beans are the unripe and immature fruit that seem to be really familiar to you. In fact, when you was a child, you might hate this bean as well as other vegetables, and only liked to eat beef, chicken or even a snack meal. However, green beans will bring to you a huge amount of nutrients, vitamin and great effects on your overall health.

What is the Green Beans?

As you might know, the bean pods are harvested from the plant while the beans are still immature, then we peel away the outer layer and get the fresh green beans. In detail, green beans have their origin of Phaseolus vulgaris family. There are roughly 150 types of green beans all over the world depending on their shapes, colors and families. Green beans, in other words, they can be called French bean, string bean or snap bean. To make it simpler, green beans are commonly classified into two main kinds – pole bean and bush bean – that depends on how they grow. Those beans are widely used in America and Europe, besides, they are likely to become very popular in Asian and African dishes as well.

Nutrition Facts of Green Beans

Obviously, green beans contain a lot of healthy properties which are quite good for human body. They have low level of fat, calories and high level of fiber and starch. Especially, green beans include no cholesterol that helps you to reduce the risk of heart disease and to deal with the diabetes. With 100 grams of green beans, they will provide you 32 calories, 7.14 grams carbohydrate, 3.2 grams fiber, 0.3 gram fat, 1.83 grams protein, 12.3 micrograms vitamin C, 691 IU vitamin A and a lot of other vitamins & minerals.

Fabulous Health Benefits of Green Beans

1. Control Cardiovascular Disease

Above all, the first health benefit of green beans we want to show you is to control the cardiovascular disease. Thanks to the great source of flavonoids in green beans, they have an amazing effect against the heart disease. Indeed, flavonoids are the antioxidant substance that is normally included in many fruits and vegetables. With the anti-thrombotic and anti-inflammatory ability, green beans are able to inhibit blood clots in your body and help you fight against heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular problems.

2. Prevent Cancer

One of the most useful health benefits of green beans is the positive impact on preventing cancer, interrupting the development of several cancer in your body. If you notice, the free radicals take the responsibility for many diseases. So, it is important to remove them from your body. Fortunately, the high antioxidant found in green beans is able to eliminate those free radicals, help you get rid of some cancers related to breast, colon and prostate from the beginning. Furthermore, green beans are loaded with vitamin C and lutein which are known as two kinds of anti-cancer properties. Thus high intake of those substances will handle the regular cancer. Besides, a lot of fibers in green beans are good for digestive system as well as lower the stress of the intestine.

3. Deal with Diabetes

Among great health benefits of green beans, the outstanding one is to deal with diabetes. Some studies have proven that green beans help to manage and decrease the risk of diabetes. Certainly, the diabetes patients need to balance the high level of sugar in the blood, reduce it to the normal level. By doing that, their bodies are able to function essential tasks and become healthier. Green beans may relieve the uncomfortable conditions of diabetes and aid you in fighting against this disease. If you are suffered from it, you should take this health benefit of green beans into consideration.

4. Enhance Eye Health

Green beans are regarded as a home remedy to improve the vision and some eye-related health problem such as black eyes. With great deal of carotenoids in green beans, they may help you to improve the eye function and protect your eyes from germs and bacteria. In addition, lutein and zeaxanthin in green beans play important role in decreasing the stress on the inner parts of the eye. It is advised that you should add green beans into your daily meal. This is to  enhance the eye health as well as cognition and memory function.

5. Improve Immune System

Another health benefit of green beans is to help you boost the immune system. Undeniably, in order to fight against bacteria and viruses, you need to keep your immune system strong. Green beans are well known as the natural sources of flavonoids and carotenoids. And both are are good for your immunity health. Consuming green beans daily can help you get rid of many illnesses such as common cold, conjunctivitis, flu, diarrhea and other problems.

6. Build Healthy Bone

Green beans are packed with calcium which is really the main building block for bones. Obviously, your chance of getting several problems like bone pain or osteoporosis will be smaller. As mentioned above, green beans contain a lot of calcium. So you had better consume them frequently to keep your bone stronger. Moreover, green beans help reduce the bone fracture and recover the broken bone faster.


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