FreeDieting BMI and BMR Calculators

FreeDieting BMI BMR Calculators

Measure your BMI (Body Mass Index) with our FreeDieting BMI Calculator!

BMI stands for Body Mass Index. The Body Mass Index is a simple method to determine if someone has a healthy weight.

Every person has a certain BMI value. This value is calculated from two factors, your weight and your height. The outcome is a number that indicates whether you have a healthy weight or not. The BMI Calculator calculates the value by dividing your body weight (kg) by the square of the body height (meters).

This simple method does have a disadvantage. Someone who does a lot of fitness or has a lot of muscle mass will soon have too high a BMI value. This value suggests that there is excess weight, while this does not have to be the case.

For most people, however, the BMI calculator is an effective way to quickly see what the weight and the associated health risks are.