What’s Hindering You in your Weight Loss Efforts? Take This Quiz


Weight loss is a topic that is often complex to understand. While you may do most of the things that promise to help you lose weight, you might find the weight sticks around like the mould in your bathroom. Oh my, that thing never seems to go away. Anyway, a few things might be the cause of your persistent weight and addressing them is a step towards getting rid of this weight. You may ask yourself a few questions and from there you will be able to determine the real hindrance. Some are related to your eating habit while the rest focuses on the kind of lifestyle that you lead. Below, you will find such questions discussed in depth.

Eating Excess Healthy Fat?

Healthy fats such as avocado, coconut and olives etc are only effective in weight loss if taken in controlled quantities. While you are on a low calorie diet, the urge to take too much of these fats increases immensely. If you give into the temptation, you may end up having no weight loss. You may, for example, take just a half an avocado per serving. When it comes to nuts, a closed handful will be more than enough per serving. The same thing applies to those that think that fat will make them add more weight. The truth is that these fats will help you lose weight; its overindulging that is the problem.

Eating Wrong Portions?

Portion control is a necessity to ensure you don’t eat too much or too little. When you learn to control the portions, in no time you will be able to tell the exact quantities just by glancing at the food. Proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals all should be taken according to the recommended amounts.

Do You Have Recurring Habits?

As you continue to lose weight, you may reach a point and get comfortable with yourself. This may make you relax some rules you may have made and in no time find yourself going back to your old habits. Keeping in mind why you started this lifestyle and fitness regime will ensure that you don’t wander into your old ways. They might be the reason why you continue to add weight after some time. The same thing will happen if you hold on to a certain foods. It might be a sugar-filled drink that you continue to tell you mind that is impossible to let go. This will make all your weight loss efforts rel=”nofollow noopener” fruitless if you don’t get rid of it.

Do You Get Inadequate Sleep?

While you may kill yourself with intense workouts and diets, if you don’t take note of little things such as your amount of sleep, you might as well be doing nothing. When you sleep, the body takes this time to repair worn out tissues and energizes itself. Without this, it slows down and the result is weight gain. Having sufficient amounts of sleep (about eight hours) is important not only for weight management but also for overall health of the body and skin.

Are You Stressed?

You might be thin but have realized this weight around the waist. It is known as the cortisol tire. It is mainly triggered by stress the down side is it affects people of all ages and is quite dangerous as it puts one at risk of diseases such as diabetes. On the bright side, you can get rid of it through stress management. Among other techniques, yoga and meditation will help you with this.

Do You Have Too High Expectations in the Short Run?

There is nothing that will crush you to the ground, more than having high expectations on something then you are disappointed later on. If you expect results fast and then they fail, you may feel like all the efforts are pointless. These procedures are not quick-fixes to weight loss but rather healthy lifestyle changes that will last you a lifetime. Weight loss will happen though not as quickly as you might have expected.

Apart from the issues discussed above, you might find that you have been looking for quick fixes rather than going the hard way. For example, weight loss supplements such as leptiburn will only work if you incorporate other lifestyle changes such as exercise. On their own, they only give a temporary solution and only last for a while.


Weight loss is not an easy journey but it’s achievable if you are disciplined. It will not take a day but will happen progressively. There is no shortcut to shed those extra kilos but you must stay committed if you want to see the results.


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