The Healthy Vegan Diet


A vegetarian or a non-vegetarian diet, which is more healthy and powerful for the body? Well, many of you might opt for a non-vegetarian diet when it comes to a rich protein diet plan. However, many people are unaware of the powerful health benefits received from a vegetarian diet. Infact, science has also sided vegetarianism and studies have been carried out to prove the health benefits of a vegan diet.

To begin with, vegetarians are people who avoid animal flesh, and that includes fish and poultry. However, there are four types of vegetarians:

  • Lacto-vegetarians – These are people who consume dairy products excluding eggs.
  • Ovo-vegetarians – These are people who consume eggs, but do not have dairy products.
  • Lacto-ovo vegetarians – These are people who consume both eggs as well as dairy products.

(Most of the above vegetarians do consume honey)

Vegans – These are people who consume plant-based foods, and do not take eggs, dairy products or honey.

According to a scientific study, if you decrease your food intake of foods made from animal sources, your health benefits will experience an increase, and this means that going vegan is the healthiest for your body. Here are some information that will ensure that you are knowledgeable about the powers of a vegetarian diet. In case you wish to cook healthy vegetarian foods, you can consult these Cooking videos for tips.

Prevent cancer

A vegetarian food consists of naturally low saturated fat, and is high in fiber. Moreover, it is filled with cancer- protective phytochemicals, and as a result, it helps greatly in preventing different types of cancer. According to the research and study, the chances of developing cancer in vegetarians is 40 percent less than that of the non-vegetarian eaters.

Beats Heart Disease

Non vegetarian diets are filled with saturated fats and cholesterol. Going vegan will help you to avoid the consumption of animal products which will increase fiber intake and reduce the cholesterol in the human body. Studies have revealed that vegetarian diets are greatly advantageous in the prevention of heart diseases.

Low blood pressure

Regardless of the sodium level in a vegetarian diet, you will find that people who follow this type of diet have low blood pressure. As revealed by research, a vegan diet possesses the ability to reduce blood pressure level within two weeks. Avoiding meat and dairy products will lessen blood thickness, which will in turn, lower the blood pressure level. In addition, vegetables and fruits consist of rich potassium which also helps to lower blood pressure.

General Concerns

In spite of the fact that vegetarian foods have proven to be the healthiest, overall, there are many people who are worried and confused as to whether a vegan diet contains all the important and complete nutrients required by the human body. To make it clear, these foods are filled with proteins. Though there is more protein present in a non-vegan diet, yet, a vegan food provides sufficient amount of proteins needed for the body. As a matter of fact, excessive consumption of proteins can lead to heart disease, osteoporosis, kidney stones, just to name a few. A well balanced diet containing whole grains, beans, and vegetable will provide your body with the proper proteins without an overdose of it.


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