The True Cost Of Popular American Diets


Over the course of one’s lifetime, it’s common to revise the means of their diets quite frequently. Emerging food trends and society’s constant pressure to have the ‘perfect’ body are only a few reasons Americans might alter their grocery list. For others, they might be required to eliminate foods from their diet for a medical diagnosis. No matter what their reasoning may be to turn to a different diet, one factor is certain to change—the budget.

LendingTree recently completed a study on how changing one’s diet to reflect a gluten free, organic, vegetarian or vegan restrictions can significantly alter the cost of their grocery bill.

Dieting Cost | Free Dieting Tips

An interesting take away is that purchasing solely organic food is significantly more expensive than purchasing regular food items. We’ve been reminded time and time again on why it’s worth prioritizing the purchase of organic food, but it’s difficult for many to justify the markup.

The study was also broken down what an average weekly grocery bill would look like for each food group, which provides a better look into where the prices increase for different diets.

Dieting Cost

For a majority of food items, it’s worth noting that the meat, egg, dairy and gluten substitutions are much more expensive than the regular items. Although this is true, it’s also possible for people who follow these diets if they refrain from purchasing any alternatives. For example, people who follow the vegan diet can get their protein from quinoa, beans and lentils rather than tofu and egg substitutes.

Whatever diet you choose, it’s important to understand how to follow it correctly in order to get the most nutritional value out of your daily meals. And, don’t forget how it could affect your wallet in the long run.


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