Top 4 Food Items That Are Essential to Begin WorkOut

If you are trying to get maximum result from your workout program, so you must take some food before you start working out. It is very essential as well as it is very important to stay fit. Several great athletes recommend having some calories before starting work out; otherwise it will be a complete waste of efforts. Having food before working out results in maintaining your blood sugar levels, prevents dizziness and quick fatigue. But eating before working out doesn’t mean you take anything that you like or take the wrong amount of food, otherwise it will be a complete disaster that will result in several opposite effects. Below is a list of several foods that can increase your potential if you start taking them before working out.


Banana is a naturally occurring powerhouse that is completely filled with energy. They contain digestive carbohydrates and are completely filled with potassium that is very necessary to maintain muscle and nerve function. Potassium is not something that is stored in the body forever. So, having banana before starting work, will boost up your nutrition level and helps you fighting fatigue. For best results, start your regular gym or exercise with a banana and Greek yogurt (half cup). Wait for 30 minutes and you are ready to hit the gym.


Oats are highly filled with fiber. It means that it will slowly release carbohydrates into your blood. But you don’t have to worry much as they won’t have that much of fiber that will result in causing gas. This slow pumping of carbohydrates will result in maintaining your stamina for a longer duration of time. They also have vitamin B that is very important to convert the carbohydrates into energy. So, before starting the workout, take a cup of oats and wait for 30 minutes.

Whole Grain Bread

Having a slice of this bread will result in good flow of carbohydrate into your blood. You can sandwich it with a little amount of butter or honey or you can have a boiled egg, which will help in boosting up your protein levels. Take 30 grams of whole grain bread along with few pieces of turkey before 45 minutes of starting your daily workout.

Fruit Smoothies

Fruit shakes or smoothies are far better than having all these stuffs, as they are enriched with protein and carbohydrates. They are in liquid form, so they dissolve quickly into our body. Have half cups of both yogurt and fruit juice, it will help you enough to fight from fatigue and will keep your energy level higher for a longer time than any other of the above foods.

What to Avoid

Best pre workout carbohydrates and protein foods can be a curse if you take several food items like candy or raw sugar. They will provide an impact of the carbohydrate rush into your bloodstream and soon you will feel cramp or fatigue will develop in the middle of the workout.


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