The Pros and Cons Of A Vegan Diet


Veganism in vegan diet is a lifestyle choice that individuals make for moral, health and environmental reasons, to achieve a world that is humane and that cares.

Vegan Diet

A Vegan Diet is usually considered to be a subset of the Vegetarian diet, that is achieving popularity as Food Therapy in Australia, wherein in addition to not eating meat, fish and poultry, other animal products and by products like dairy, dairy products, eggs, etc. are also avoided. In addition, Vegans do not use products like leather, fur, silk, cosmetics and soaps derived from animals.

Vegan Nutrition

As with any other diet, the soundness of the vegan diet is reflected in its nutritional adequacy and variety. It includes a wide range of healthy options like legumes, seeds, nuts, leafy greens, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and their products, etc. These meals should include the prescribed ranges of proteins, fats, carbohydrates required for adequate body development and sustenance.

The Vegan Advantage

The vegan diet is a great way to lose weight and beat chronic diseases. A nutritionally sound, dairy and meat free diet will support inch and weight loss and reduce the menace of cancer, diabetes and heart diseases.


This diet is rich in anti-oxidants and helps reduce the threat of diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, etc.

Vegans have lower BMI’s than their non-vegetarian counterparts, increasing a body’s fitness and reducing dangers of any obesity related conditions.

Due to elimination of dairy and animal based products from the diet, there will be a reduction in the consumption of processed foods which will lead to weight loss.

Veganism is a way of protecting Nature’s bounty and its animal kingdom.

The cultivation of Veganism requires a great deal of self control, which eventually becomes a part of one’s character and can be extended to other behavioral tendencies like commitment, dedication and self control.


Veganism is a drastic lifestyle change and can require a huge amount of adjustment, especially if an individual is not allowed or is allergic to certain foods such as soy.

The diet can disturb the balance of the existing medical problems in the body. If a person suffers from diabetes or osteoporosis, it will be prudent to consult with a physician and dietician before embarking on the Vegan journey.

Dining out becomes a difficulty as most restaurants don’t offer a lot of vegan choices, so choose your restaurant carefully.

Strict precautions have to be taken to ensure there is no loss of essential minerals and vitamins in following a vegan diet which is usually deficit in Vitamin B12.

Contrary to unrealistic expectations, simply following a vegan diet doesn’t make someone healthier. A reasonable balance of diet, fitness regime and exercise has to be maintained, as with all other eating styles.


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