How Much Should You Run To Be In Shape?


How many miles should you run every day is one of the most widespread and important questions to consider before you start your workouts. But you can’t get a single right answer to this question because three fundamental components of training – frequency, time limit and intensity – will depend on your life circumstances, such as life schedule, fitness level, fitness goals and running experience.

How many times a week should you run to get fit?

The running frequency can vary. It depends only on you – actually your personal preferences. The main thing here is to train on a regular basis. Of course, if you run only once a week you`ll hardly slim down quickly and get strong legs. Such training will not get any result.

If you`re a beginner, you can start running two or three times a week, but gradually increase the frequency to six or seven days per week (as it’s the ideal frequency to get into shape!). The gradual increase of running frequency will help you and your body to adapt to the steady loads.

How to choose the right time for your workout?

You must have the clear time goals to get progressive benefit from your workouts and finally get the desired results.

The time limit of your training depends on the distance that you want to overcome. When you start your regular training you should choose not so long distances. Choose such distance that you can run in 10 – 15 minutes. Then spread your mileage every day. Add one or two miles to every next training to increase your workout time to 30 minutes – the best time for the efficient training. But monitor how your body will react to such changes and what you`ll feel.

Don`t run more than an hour as you can injure your muscles and then you’ll be compelled to stop your workouts for a long time to recover your health.

One more thing that can influence the success in the training is to choose the best part of the day for running. If you find the right time you’ll not only improve your body but also get pleasure from such workouts – you’ll feel well physically and mentally.

How often should you change the types of runs during the training?

To choose the right running frequency and the time limit is very important, but at the same time you shouldn’t forget about the intensity of your training. To get a good workout you should vary types of the run at least two or three times. For example, first 10 minutes of the training you can run slower than next 10 minutes (increase your pace to ten-minute-per-mile) and end your exercise reducing your race again.

You can also change the places for the training. Don`t use always comfortable running paths, complicate and diversify your training incorporating hills and hard for running places or the stairs at home, for example.

If you wake up one morning and decide to start running that`s a great thing. But don’t forget to have regular workouts and gradually complicate them to get the best results and be fit.

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