Lose Weight? Take A Nice Plate Of Pasta


“Lose weight” is on the to-do list of almost every healthy women. That tip is still into practice, however, only few succeed. Saying goodbye to all the goodies is also troublesome. Fortunately it seems there is light on the horizon. Because carbohydrate dishes – like pasta – delete, show no need for all. In fact, regularly eating a large plate of spaghetti, fusilli or penne can also help.

Are you serious? Yes, obviously. Hurray! – Now losing weight with free dieting recipes is not so tough. Even after reading this, you will say, it’s fun to be fat!

How is this possible?

A new research conducted by the Italian Institute for Research, Hospitalization and Health Care Neuromed shows, the eating habits of up to 23,000 people were extensively examined. The conclusion is a joy to jump it. Pasta absolutely proves not make you fat, but has the opposite effect. With regular pasta meal, you can lower your BMI (body mass index) and reduces the risk of obesity.


The pasta food is an essential element in the ‘Mediterranean diet’, which has been proven several times that it is one of the healthiest ways of life. If you plan to create three times tonight, the researchers emphasize indeed that eating pasta is healthy as long as you enjoy in moderation.

That of course is hardly surprising, but hey: the good news is that now you can enjoy your favorite summer pasta at times even without any fear.


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