How To Use Chia Seeds For Weight Loss Easily


daily dietary fiber needThese days it is hard for people to lose weight. They have tried numerous ways to reduce their numbers on the weighing scale. They have become so desperate that they have kept buying various kinds of fat-burner supplements and still didn’t achieve what they want. People get so impatient in losing weight, and they would even undergo surgery such as liposuction just to take the fat out of their system.

Have you heard about Chia seeds? You can add these energy packed seed in your diet to help you reduce weight. These affordable seeds can go with just about any food you eat. It is a versatile ingredient that can be cooked or prepared in many different ways.

I will show you how to use chia seeds to lose weight as you go along this article. Trust me it not as complicated, and it won’t burn down your budget quickly.

What Are Chia Seeds?

It is a small black seed, even tinier than a sesame seed, which they harvest from a plant called, Salvia Hispanica which is commonly grown in Mexico. It’s been decades since chia seeds were used as part of the diet, and this little seed was recently discovered as one of the healthiest superfoods in the world. It was already being used back during the Mayan civilization. In Fact, the word “Chia” means “strength.”

It contains an enormous amount of dietary fiber about 8-10 grams per 30 grams of seeds. That is nearly enough to fulfill your daily dietary fiber needs. Consuming fibrous foods promotes healthy bowel regulations. It cleanses your colons and bulks up your stools to avoid constipation.

About… Losing weight.

Even though you intake a copious amount of chia seeds and just on the couch the entire day, I am telling you that you won’t lose weight. Sessions on a spinning bike or a treadmill will also not entirely do the job. You need to intake the right number of calories, and to have a proper exercise for you to fit into your old skinny jeans again. You can’t just rely on laxatives, diet pills, and fat burners to lose weight; you have to work on it too. You still have to take your multivitamins because there is a tendency you might be insufficient of vitamins and minerals when undergoing a particular diet.

It is a necessity to be healthy in our lives. When you lose weight properly, you feel light, healthy and confident. It gives us the discipline to control what we do in our lives including vices, alcohol consumption, and overeating. You won’t want to lose your progress along the way if you’ve already started working out. Take a look at the mirror and believe that you can out do yourself! Until then we can show you how to use chia seeds to lose weight.

How to use Chia seeds to Lose Weight?

  1. Pudding!

The seeds soak up water quick, and when this happens there will be a gel like consistency similarly to a pudding. You can top it with your favorite fruits and glaze it with Honey. Even on a diet, you can still enjoy healthy sweet treats thanks to Chia seeds.

  1. Baking Ingredient

You can include these to your pastries. For example, you can add the seeds if you’re planning to bake a whole-wheat bread, and that gives a bountiful content of fiber in one single meal.

You can also substitute it to brownies if you want a nuttier flavor. The aroma if the Chia seed will elevate the sweetness of the chocolate. You will have the best of both worlds of satisfying your cravings, and at the same time staying healthy.

  1. In-between snacks

If you want to make your life simple, you can just simply bring this as a snack. You will just need a container to put your seeds in, and a bottle of water. The seeds don’t have a bad taste, so all you need to do is pour water on it and wait for it to become a gelatin-like structure.

You may also eat the seeds as it is, but be careful as you might choke on them. Don’t take a large spoonful of servings when you desire to make the seeds as a snack.

  1. Garnish or Topping

You may top this to any food you wish. If you are creative and fancy enough to make a risotto, you may just sprinkle the seeds around, and you can still benefit the rich fiber content of it for just being a topping.

If you’re planning to bake a cheesecake, you may spread it around the cheesecake to also add that grainy texture and the nutty aroma to the cheesecake.


It is not that hard on how to use chia seeds for weight loss right? The seeds are super versatile that can be utilized for any types of food or cooking methods. They are also easy to find everywhere in the market, so you don’t have to travel so far just to purchase one. If you found this article useful, please share it!


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