Protein Foods That Helps to Build Muscle

If you are willing to build great muscles then high protein food is probably the most important thing you have to include in your diet, a diet that is high in protein can also help with weight loss sometimes called ketosis.

The body uses protein to build muscle, protein is made up of twenty amino acids 11 of which can be synthesised in the body. 9 of the amino acids that make up protein molecules cannot be made in your body and need to be consumed through your diet or supplements. Protein is like the building blocks of your body, all of your bodily organs are made of proteins and amino acids are the building blocks of protein.

Sources of Protein

So what foods are high in protein? Any kind of meat is high in protein but below are a few of the best protein sources around:


Eggs – Vince Gironda whose most famous client was probably Arnold Schwarzenegger loved eggs, he even created a diet that involved consuming as many as 36 eggs a day. Eggs are full of amino acids and each egg contains around 6 grams of protein.

Steak – Everyone loves steak, 3 oz of steak contains around 23 grams of protein as well as muscle building minerals like zinc, iron, magnesium, selenium and more these minerals are important in the creation of testosterone an anabolic hormone. Steak even contains creatine.

Chicken – Chicken is always one of the most popular Protein Food with body builders, chicken is an extremely lean source of protein 3 oz of chicken contains 21 grams of protein.

Vegetarian Protein


Vegetarian and vegan are the best Protein Foods for body builders must find it hard to get their protein, soy is popular with vegetarians looking for protein sources but it is also reported to be estrogenic. 57 grams of lentils contains around 13 grams of protein, some vegetarian and vegan body builders use pea protein powder. Vegetarians may also want to look to fish as a protein source 3 oz. of sardines contain 21 grams of protein, fish can also be a good source of omega 3 and vitamin D which is important for anabolic hormone creation. Other sources of protein suitable for vegetarians maybe milk, cottage cheese, quinoa and wheat.

Foods high in carbs

High Carbs Foods

As mentioned above low carb, high protein diets can be extremely good for fat loss but carbs are important for energy and hormone production. Low GI carbs are carbs that release energy slowly, they keep your blood sugar stable and keep you away from the fridge because they leave you feeling fuller for longer. Low GI foods include: Brown rice, porridge, wholemeal bread, most vegetables, walnuts, cashew nuts, cherries, plums and wholemeal pasta.

Foods that boost hormones

Testosterone is an anabolic hormone and why steroids are so effective. IGF-1 stands for insulin like growth factor 1. IGF-1 is probably the most anabolic hormone of all, it’s what makes kids grow into adults and is produced in the liver. IGF-1 is a controversial hormone because it has been linked to cancer, many experts say to try and keep it low if you want to live longer but as we said above it is extremely anabolic. Prunes are said to boost IGF-1 and colostrum is a dietary source of this powerful hormone.

Foods that boost hormones

Testosterone boosting foods include macadamia nuts, avocado’s, and garlic. If you want to boost your test levels make sure you eat and drink organic, most non-organic animals are pumped full of estrogen and growth hormone to make them grow faster.