Chair and Alternatives to Make Your Child Sit at the Dining Table


At the table! But once you put your child in his chair, he begins to protest and squirm. He does not want the chair and makes frantic efforts to get out there again. Is he to another chair?

Many highchairs are designed so that your child has long benefited from. The dimensions of the seat can often be adjusted in the length and the width, so that the chair as it were, grows with the small ones. This allows you to continue to use until your child is tall enough to sit at the table on a regular chair. Yet it may be that you have the chair before small has grown to be replace. Your little will no longer sit in his chair.

Causes of resistance

Opposition to the chair usually forms part of the preschool puberty, a phase in which your child are resisting everything to him, he’s feeling restricted in his freedom. The baby high chairs safe restricted his movements. He can often not on or out without your help. Your toddler get frustrated by these limitations and will no longer take part in the “hated” chair.

Your toddler wants to do everything exactly the same as you. The chair is distinctly different than the chair you’re sitting on all that he opposes it.


When your little once hates his chair, it makes no sense to continue to make him sit in it. That is probably only at the cost of the meal. Moreover, it is very tiring to have to do battle every time. If your child is too small for a large chair, it’s best to seek out an alternative. In addition, you can choose from several options:

A seat at the table edge

You can get special lightweight chairs that you clinging to the edge of the table. So your toddler is at the same level as you, and he does not ‘childish’ extra tabletop in front of her. Make sure when buying such a chair properly whether it is suitable for children with the age and weight of your small; the type of table that you have are home.

A booster seat

As the name implies, you can adjust the height of a normal dining chair with a booster seat for your toddler. It is a small chair that you attach to a regular chair. Here, too, lacks the table of the chair, making it small right at the table. Measure for purchasing a while the seat on the dining chair that you will use.

Children’s furniture

A small table with a small chair, especially for your toddler, next to your private table is also an option. Your little sit than on a real chair, with his feet on the ground, for a table at the correct height. He can sit independently and get up when he wants. A disadvantage is that you have less quickly intervene if something goes wrong, your first of your chair should stand.


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