7 Eating Habits Which Make You Fat


Aren’t you losing weight even if you are very much careful about your diet and do the recommended exercises? If yes, it clearly means that you are doing something wrong. Here we expose 7 eating habits that can be very risking and destroy your efforts of weight loss since it is sure that you can lose weight by avoiding the bad habits.

1 – Beware of the Menus

It might have happened to you, but you want to eat less and will suffice with a plate or would not take the chosen dessert when eating out and have the menu in hand. It is a big mistake. Menus usually make you eat more than you need, so don’t be swayed by the price; if you want one plate, stick to it and avoid looking at the menu unnecessarily.

2 – Low Calorie Foods

Many nutritionists and fitness experts recommend avoid the light or low fat foods. Why do they say so? Usually body saves a few calories of food as fat replaces the body which metabolizes carbohydrates under-performing quickly. As a result, you feel hungry again soon and it is a vicious circle.

3 – Dieting by Yourself

Everyone seems to be an expert when on a diet, but the specialists are thee who know their stuff, so if you want to get on a diet, go to some health and weight loss specialist.

4 – Sleeping Too Much or Too Little

Do you know that people who sleep 5 hours or less and who sleep more than 5 hours? Those people outstretch to have more guts than those who sleep between six and seven hours. According to experts, it is advisable to sleep every night between 7 and 8 hours.

5 – Beware of Snacks at Restaurant

You must be careful about snacks when you go to a restaurant, before the ordered food is served, try not to fall for bread and snacks while dieting. If you do so, you will be consuming additional calories without realization.

6 – Forget Sodas

You have to forget all types of sodas at any cost. Despite avoiding sugar in case of choosing light or zero diet, the gas is still there and it is one of your worst enemies if you want to lose weight or maintain it. So discard every carbonated and soda drinks.

7 – No Meal Skipping

If you think skipping meals will help you lose weight, you are dead wrong. If you don’t have all the meals in a day, the message you are sending to your body is not to burn calories you ate as it always saves some. So try to have 2 snacks and 3 main meals a day.


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