5 Ways to Stop Work-Related Back Pain


According to popular belief, Bobby Fischer, a chess legend, used to run for two hours every day in order to perform better at tournaments. When confronted about this by a friend of his, Fischer responded that first time he felt back pain during the game, he was bound to lose even to a much inferior opponent. Weather this story is true or not, we will never know, but one thing is certain, the message it carries is quite straightforward. Not only is back pain extremely inconvenient, but it also diminishes our ability to focus on what we’re doing. It can have a devastating effect on our productivity. With this in mind, here are some ways to stop work related back pain.


Even though this first option is not something that you can do at work, it can be of an invaluable help. In fact, Bobby Fischer did not make a pause in his game to go running. If you want to dedicate yourself to your work. It simply cannot begin and end with your work hours. Find a bit of time (at least 20 minutes twice a day) to do some simple exercises for your posture, or try running. Either of these things is bound to help you feel better as well as avoid work-related back pain altogether.

Work stretching

Although, as we already said, you cannot workout at work, you can take a few minutes now and then to do some stretching exercises. Seeing how, there is more and more office workers every day, someone had to come up with a set of exercises that can be done while sitting behind the desk. This being said, the best trait of these exercises is that that they don’t take too much time. Means that you can do some of them even several times a day. Even though it may not seem as much to you now, it can indeed make a world of difference.

Computer screen position

Next thing you need to have in mind is that your computer screen position plays a vital role for your back. This is why, it is extremely important that your desk is of adequate height. Needless to say, the lack of this will cause you to look at the screen at the wrong angle day in and out. This can be devastating not just for your back but for your vision as well. This is something that you simply cannot and should not allow.

Quality chair

Now, previous three advices were more of an active thing, workout, stretch and sit properly. Designer of a good office chair has in mind the nature of job. The office workers do and tries to adjust his design to the anatomy of your back. Needless to say, although sitting in a quality chair may not be enough to rectify your posture on its own. It helps a great deal.

Take some breaks

Finally, regardless of how important this task at hand may be, it can never be more important than your own health. This of course doesn’t mean that you can disregard your work completely, but only that you are due a break every now and then. Use this break for one of the aforementioned desk exercises or simply stretch your legs by walking it all off for a while. Doing this just a few times per break will make a great difference.

In the end, your health is always most important, the sooner you realize this the better. Even though back pain is something that you could live with, it significantly reduces the quality of your lifestyle. And even goes as far to diminish your professional performance. Both of these things are something that you should definitely not tolerate.


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