3 Tips To Cook Slimmer


Don’t want to miss your tasty food, and stay with the line? Check out these techniques to cook slimmer.


If you are serious about your weight, you don’t need fat anymore! So cook your vegetables, meat or fish in the steam from boiling water. This saves not only a lot of calories, but also ensures that taste and vitamins are better preserved. You can get a special steam pan to do so. Don’t you have? You can also use a colander or strainer in a pot of boiling water with the lid on it.


When grilling meat or fish in the oven or grill pan you have. Lubricate the piece you want to grill lightly with oil and place on a hot griddle pan or plate well. Thus preserving all tastes and you get a juicy piece of fish or meat. Tip: vegetables such as peppers, zucchini, eggplant and asparagus are great for grilling. Because when you fry them with little oil at a high temperature, they get a full, sweet barbecue flavor!

Stir Fry

Cooking with a wok is fast, healthy and delicious. In just fifteen minutes you can prepare a healthy meal. It is simple and easy. Clean the wok, heat well and use an oil suitable for hot temperatures. Add small pieces of vegetables, meat or fish and wok. Everything cooked well within a few minutes.


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