How These 12 Foods Help To Lose Weight Naturally


Open any diet book, and the chances are that your foods as eggs, Greek yogurt, kale, apple and chicken comes from. No doubt it is perfect if you want to lose a few kilos, but let’s be honest: after a while a bit of it is still really boring. Fortunately there are a lot of foods that might not be as well known for their slimming effect, but basically – as above foods – boost as much help in inhibiting appetite, your metabolism and make sure that you arrive no kilos. From popcorn to chocolate: These foods help you lose weight naturally.


You do movie nights henceforth not to skip more if you’re on a diet. Popcorn is naturally maize and thus consists of whole grain, what your digestive late smoothly. Because popcorn vegetable is also plays a role in the promotion of the intestinal flora. Tip: Make your own popcorn and popcorn in coconut oil. Would you like to really be healthy, skip the salt and sugar?


A cup of coffee in the morning is a good source of antioxidants that many benefits entails – from protecting your brains to reduce the risk of oral cancer. Coffee also helps in inhibiting appetite. Note that with the addition of milk and sugar, which nullifies the advantages mentioned above.


Vinegar helps keep you at the curb your appetite and it keeps your blood sugar arrow. Moreover, it is a fine taste without adding extra calories. Minus: because vinegar is very acidic, it can irritate your mouth, throat or digestive system. So work with small quantities for throwing a bottle of vinegar in your salad.


Peanut butter and almond paste are full of fiber, protein and healthy fats – a killer combo you longer feel like you’re full, because your body takes longer to process. Make sure that you choose a sugar-free version (the ingredients list may in principle only consist of nuts, and maybe salt). A perfect snack for example apple slices with peanut butter. Although nut butters not the most low-calorie products, they are very nutritious (especially pre-workout!) And very tasty.

# 5: CUMIN

Cumin is a spice that helps according to research in losing weight, you (bad) cholesterol and reduces improves your digestion. Moreover, cumin is a good source of iron, which in turn is an essential substance for transporting oxygen and your energy level a boost gives.

# 6: PASTA

Pasta (especially noodles) are a healthy choice because you give a very satisfied feeling – if you choose the whole wheat or spelled variant, at least. ‘Normal’ pastas contrast, consist mainly of fast carbs so you quickly feel hungry again. Try more particularly to avoid thick and creamy sauces, but just pick a tomato sauce with herbs. This is full of antioxidants and is low in calories: win-win!


Dark chocolate is good to lose weight, now everyone knows. Mainly due to the good fats you quickly feel full and reduces your sugar cravings. An occasional glass of red wine with a block of dark chocolate is not so bad.


This spice is a real fat-fighter: a component of black pepper is in fact piperine, which prevents the formation of fat cells. That does not mean you lose kilos weight with black pepper, black pepper, but add to your meals – well instead of salt – is definitely good for you. Choose preferably for a variation that you have to grind still themselves, in order to keep the good properties of the pepper as much as possible intact.


Chicken soup is packed with vegetables where you get a sense of saturation and it is low in calories. Skip it (white) noodles because they provide a spike in your blood sugar.

# 10: PRUNES

These are loaded with fiber which gives you longer feel that you are full. Prunes are also a delicious snack for in between!


Except that this summer fruit is low in calories, there is not as much sugar as you think. Watermelon contains citrulline, an amino acid that enhances blood flow in your body and prevents fatigue. In other words, you have more energy during tough workouts and during stressful days.


Contrary to what many people think is not a buckwheat cereal, but a gluten-free seed. It is known for its many antioxidants, fiber and protein it contains – which once again makes you long full. For example, go for buckwheat groats: delicious with a little honey.


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