10 Tips to Lose Weight in 10 Weeks


Weight loss in 10 weeks is dream for all weight watchers but it can turn out into reality if you put in persistent efforts in terms of diet, exercise, and certain lifestyle changes. The below given 10 tips to achieve sure shot weight loss in 10 weeks would work wonders for your weight loss goals.

1. Go for it step by step

Miracles do happen but not with weight loss! Weight loss calls for regular efforts. You cannot achieve your goal overnight, but you need to go for it step by step. Don’t go for very strict diet from day 1 as it will bring your moral down. Start working on each meal every week and by week 4, you would be all set to take up your new diet challenge.

2. Include more fluids

Fluids are meant to hydrate your body and also for waste removal. You can add more fluids in form of juices, soups, and plain water to boost your weight loss goals.

3. Follow your meal plan strictly

Following meal plan strictly doesn’t mean that you have to stick to the fixed menu but it means that you have to eat at fixed intervals. Skipping any of the meals from the meal plan may reduce the calorie intake for that particular time but it would turn out to be disastrous for your weight loss regime as a whole. Eat frequently to lose more!

4. Go raw

You don’t need to quit cooked food but adding more raw fruits and vegetables to every meal would work. If you feel hungry between the meals, having a bowl full of fruits or vegetables would be the healthy choice. You can add this fibre, vitamin, and mineral rich raw stuff in your diet as cut fruits, salad, or soup.

5. Remove all junk from your pantry

If junk is there, you tend to eat. This tip may be worked on before you start the weight loss exercise. Have a closer look at your pantry and remove all the junk food. Even if you have to keep it then keep it much above your reach or eye level. This will keep the temptation of having junk away.

6. Don’t remove any food completely from your meal plan

This weight loss challenge would last for 10 weeks and the weight retention would go for lifetime. Hence, don’t remove any food completely from your diet as your body would start craving for it and post 10 weeks you may binge on it. So, limit your intake but no need to deprive yourself of your favourites.

7. Learn to read food labels

All that is termed healthy may not be healthy. Start reading food labels when in supermarket. This will help you know the calories, fats, sugar, and salt content of food that you are going to consume.

8. Say no to smoking and alcohol

Smoking and alcohol are main reasons for putting on weight. Even if you are tempted, go for a glass of red wine instead of taking a glass of beer as the later one is plain calories.

9. Plan every meal in advance

Once you are hungry, it is difficult to control your appetite and you may reach out to the easiest possible food option. This would be the main reason for your weight loss challenge failure. So plan every meal in advance to have healthy food choice available every time you feel hungry.

10. Find a weight loss buddy

Even after having everything in place, chances are there that you would quit your diet plan midway. You can look for the weight loss buddy who would be ready to take up the 10 week challenge with you. This will keep your momentum at place.
These 10 tips are not directly offering any weight loss meal plan but following these tips would enhance your success rate at large.


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